The Thebes Photographic Project was undertaken to commemorate Francis Firth’s 1856 Journey to Egypt. His portfolio, Egypt & Palestine was the first travel log. I wanted to relive the Egyptian part, by not copying Frith’s work, but by using his work as a jumping off point to explore the area at Luxor Egypt with my own personal vision. I chose the panorama camera simply because I like the format. The images document the temples and surrounding land, locking them in time, much like much like Frith’s did before. The sites are forever changing, being rebuilt & at the same time deteriorating. Image size 14 “ H x 42 “ W Finished art size 23.5 “H x 52.5 “ W x .5" D +1” from wall Giclee print laminated between plexiglass Edition of 6 See Linda Warren Gallery for price and availability.